By: Scott Ratchinsky

He woke up under a blanket of paper tickets, some of which were choking his ability to learn about a better way to manage, get paid quicker and basically figure out how to run his business more effectively. What he needed is a 10,000’ view, or at a minimum, a peek into the future based on the past. Currently, he has 2 full-time employees sifting through paper and inputting excel data, which is 2 months old to create any sense of what is going on. Let’s hope we never have an overnight crash in oil prices, as he will never get paid. What he needs is a benchmark business plan, with a constant influx of new real-time information. This will allow for better decision-making, a higher standard of negotiations, ease of audit and figuring out who is the best employee week after week. The only way forward is to grow a digital brain and gain better intelligence. He must start every service in a digital fashion, with real-time points of data that can be transformed into digital eyes. Having a digital brain with real-time information coupled with the normal mushy brain, which understands people, is a two-headed beast of success.