What We Do

ENGAGE digitalizes the financial transaction processes end-to-end generating real-time business intelligence at scale.

“ENGAGE has provided new insights and transparency into our financial transactions, enabling us to manage our cash flow more effectively.”

Reduce Costs
Reduce Costs
Save Time
Save Time
Increase Productivity
Increase Productivity

Today's Problem

Businesses with disparate workflows have lacked an agile technology partner that authenticates and augments financial transactions end-to-end under one software solution. These fragmented supply chains stifle the ability for companies to generate actionable intelligence in real-time, limiting productivity and profitability.

Our Solution

ENGAGE E2E for Financial Business Automation

At ENGAGE our mission is to simplify the B2B transaction process by automating financial workflows. Simply digitizing paper processes has been commercialized by many solutions, however, ENGAGE is the first to use predictive scheduling and data validation to reduce touchpoints and eliminate redundant processes, thus changing the way transactions are scheduled, managed and approved. Additionally, layering on ENGAGE’s E-invoicing platform automates your workflows end-to-end, from scheduling services all the way through payment processing. One automated platform, order to payment.

There are five components that make up E2E

ENGAGE E2E Solutions

E2E Enables

Financial Forecasting

Smart Supply Chains

Integrated Workflows

Business Intelligence

E2E provides the tools to increase company value:

Automate your business process today with E2E
Successful Balance Sheet Control

Successful Balance Sheet Control


Empowers Employee Productivity & Safety


Better Business Process Management


Validated Emissions Reporting


Multi Interface Solution

Multi-Interface Solution

Typical industrial field solutions interface with the operator or their providers, but not both. The ENGAGE web and mobile application suite creates a marketplace where both sides have real-time visibility into each transaction and therefore the edge data needed for streamlined approval or dispute. This real-time transparency systematically reduces DSO by providing matchless accuracy, minimizing disputes inherently that are prevalent with traditional payment processes.

Predictive Scheduling

Predictive Scheduling

Many transactions within industrial workflows are either repeatable or predictable. Using machine learning concepts and our proprietary algorithms, ENGAGE can automate your scheduling for repeatable jobs, making sure services are scheduled at the opportune time. This increases productivity and uptime while improving operations management.

Data Validation Auto Approvals Disputes

Data Validation & Auto Approvals/Disputes

Other software has seen success by commercializing the digital field ticket away from paper processes, however, ENGAGE provides a new competitive edge for clients by validating the same data based on predetermined conditions and business rules for their individual provider relationships. By deploying business automation closer to the worksite, ENGAGE initiates auto approvals/disputes for each ticket, eliminating manual approval and auditing processes.

Software Consolidation Data Management

Software Consolidation & Data Management

Siloed platforms and data sets often limit companies from comprehensive views and real-time operational intelligence. With ENGAGE, other business-critical software solutions and data feeds can be easily integrated with our dynamic platform, providing an inclusive end-to-end solution. Connecting with our clients at the cloud services level creates secure, scalable data management and storage solutions, and helps simplify integrations and vendor management.

Engage E-ticketing Graphic


ENGAGE’s E-ticketing platform is a foundational piece to optimize workflow management in the field. Our multi-tiered solution, which includes both a web and mobile application, interfaces with operators, their suppliers and additional parties who impact each field ticket. Companies can schedule, track, and approve field tickets seamlessly as the jobs take place. Holding the approval process at the operational level along with any dispute by exception accelerates the order to cash and optimizes the invoicing and payment process for both accounting teams and the vendor community.

Client Benefits

Customizable E-forms

Clients can create customizable digital forms to coincide with tickets and compliance documentation requiring their service providers or internal technicians to complete when submitting a job ticket. Centralizing all the required forms and information reduces the administrative burden, streamlines audits, and ensures that operators are being provided the correct documentation for all services.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Access to pertinent information is critical to the success of any business. By leveraging robust modeling tools, we create real-time data analytics that empower your people to make better business decisions and scale with confidence.

Automated Re-order

Most companies do not have real-time visibility into their inventory and lack tools to automate their reordering process. By using ENGAGE’s inventory management and tracking tools, we streamline the reordering process allowing more accurate accounting, reporting, and inventory management.

Engage Client Benefits

Real-time Tracking

Our solution utilizes GPS functionality from mobile devices to track work being completed in the field. Geo-fencing technologies (virtual geographic boundaries that timestamp when people or assets enter/leave a worksite, warehouse, or other important locations) help provide additional data for compliance, audit, safety, and other operational metrics.

Offline Capabilities

Our mobile application works both on and off the connected grid by caching localized edge data to the device or tablet, allowing field operators to complete jobs in remote locations. All pertinent job information will store in the mobile device and sync to cloud services when reconnected.

Compliance & Audit

Health and safety is paramount to any company, however, reporting and compliance can be burdensome. With ENGAGE, critical data points and images can be captured allowing you to streamline your compliance and audit reporting and record management. Having access to these edge data points can be key for root cause analysis and for de-risking legal or insurance consequences if accidents do occur. ENGAGE clients enact this modern geo-location approach to validate activity when working with OSHA or other regulatory bodies after an incident.


ENGAGE Empowers companies to exceed their ESG goals

ESG Air Emissions

Air Emissions

Through business automation and supply chain efficiencies, ENGAGE clients benefit from a lower operational carbon footprint by lower air emissions. A recent case study shows 5% less truck hauls were needed to complete the same level of service by using ENGAGE’s predictive scheduling tool. Learn More

ESG Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

The ENGAGE platform interfaces with both producers and their suppliers, this marketplace promotes visibility and improved efficiency across industry players, therefore reducing emissions. Learn More

ESG Governance Compliance Transparency

Compliance & Transparency

ENGAGE’s customizable E-forms allow critical regulatory and compliance data to be collected and easily shared with governing bodies. Additionally, our GPS tracking capabilities provide new edge data points, making reporting more transparent and available in real-time. Learn More

ESG Governance Source of Truth

Single Source of Truth

The ENGAGE web and mobile application suite creates a marketplace where both sides have real-time visibility into each transaction and therefore the edge data needed for streamlined approval or dispute. Learn More

Realize the impact of automating your financial business process with ENGAGE

Our case studies show actual results outlining the benefits of using the ENGAGE platform


of paper field tickets are rejected or have errors


or fewer digital tickets need correction with ENGAGE

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

10.5% Cost Savings after 7 months by using data validation with ENGAGE

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Using ENGAGE’s Predictive Scheduling, load size increased from 184 bbls to 194 bbls for liquid hauls

Save Time

Time Savings

Inputting a single paper ticket takes 1.11 minutes EACH. Going digital with ENGAGE eliminated this step all together