Our technology helps save trees

By: Scott Ratchinsky

Boom! Got your attention. Did you know that the NCR invented triplicate carbonless paper in 1954? For whatever reason, we are still using this Achilles heel. There are those that believe it works. It isn’t broke, why fix it? To those folks, I ask, please retire or at least learn about technology and stop having an archaic opinion. Since a single truck may pay as much as $184 / month to buy paper tickets and move fluids around the oilfield, we know money can be spent more effectively. What if we could stop this madness, and dispatch all services via phone, text or website. Track, see and approve their movements as they work in real time all the while improving our carbon footprint by eliminating the paper ticket. Yes, having a fully functional field management system spitting out a final digital ticket, fully approved and ready for invoicing. Visit Engage-M.com and start a new revolution of transparency and a digitized workflow. Let’s slay that ever-growing paper dragon through digital dominance.