How to Make Operations More Efficient

By Scott Ratchinsky

When working with a major operator to bring digital e-tickets and transparency into their operation, you know things are going to get crazy. We were helping move production water around the field, and since it was working very well, field leadership decided to start adding other services.

Let’s see how slick it would be to order and watch our slick line crews as they move around the field. The simple description of what a slick line service entails would be removing a big (or small and hairy) clog out of your toilet. When it’s clogged it does not work properly. If you routinely clean the line, you will most likely never have a problem and your life can remain regular. Slick lining a production well is cleaning the production tubing and ensuring the inner workings are functioning properly. This way, it is unlikely the well will stop producing money. But I digress. We established an e-ticket system for slick line services for this operator.

Digital E-Tickets Are the Future

Within 24 hours, auditing and understanding travel time, JSA implementation and approving tickets in real time was on the menu for discussion. The service companies were now being tracked, e-tickets produced, JSA’s uploaded and the foremen were auditing and approving the tickets in real time. Frank discussions were happening quickly to understand how long it was taking to get to the location, what is the cost of travel going to amount to, and why the JSA was not attached to the ticket. Efficiency and understanding of this service improved instantaneously.

Now…. On to the next oilfield service….