Oil and gas operators face the challenge of keeping pace with growing energy demands whilst responding to elevated environmental compliance and reporting expectations. Fortunately the industry, among most others, is undergoing transformational technological driven change, change that has unprecedented ability to deliver on these requirements.

Many would argue the industry is a pioneer in leveraging ‘big data’ to inform exploration strategies, datasets that have grown exponentially, 33 Million times in fact, over the last 30 years. Yet when you look across the entire span of oilfield activity from exploration and production to pipeline management down to refinery and marketing there is massive disparity regarding what would constitute advancement towards a true digital oilfield.  

Operations within the US are increasingly remote, with harsher environmental conditions that involve a combination of horizontal drilling and fracking needed for unconventional plays. The adoption of a digital ticketing platform is a simple and proven way producers can improve productivity and limit liability exposure.

Three ways digital ticketing contributes to more efficient and compliant operations:

  • Field Level Visibility into Real-time & Aggregate Operations:

Whether you want to instantaneously view vendors on location or at aggregate route adherence for transporting hazardous materials, digital ticketing solutions give you real-time analytics and comprehensive, historical reporting data to inform decisions and deliver on state and federal reporting requirements.

  • Inventory Management & Asset Disposal Reporting:

Tracking water, fracking fluid, crude and other materials is key for internal and external reporting and planning yet many operators lack visibility into this fundamental data point. Digital ticketing allows for tracking of these critical assets for both corporate strategy and planning functions as well as compliance reporting.  

  • Vendor & Operational Adherence & Documentation Repository:

Service contractors are mission critical to field operations, digital ticketing can provide key details into who is driving operations forward as well as create a centralized and searchable repository for compliance documentation from JSAs to BOLs.

Technology driven solutions that enable producers to improve productivity and compliance in a seamless, scalable and sustainable manner are meaningful advancements towards a field level digital oilfield. A digital ticketing platform helps create efficiencies but also allows for unprecedented transparency into operations, aiding in compliance and operational strategies alike.

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By Karin Ratchinsky