Canadian Oil Companies: Why it’s more important now than ever to create efficiencies in daily field operations

Let’s face it, Canadian Oil Companies are battling for survival these days. The recent oil bust has hurt producers globally, but in Alberta the pain is acute and Canadians face many industry challenges that need navigation and attention in order to stay afloat. It is no longer an option for companies to be archaic in their ways of operating. They must be nimble, well-informed and leave little room for error. Creating efficiencies in field operations is as important as ever to be able to make quick and savvy business decisions and protect your bottom line. In an often referred to as “old-school” industry, Oil & Gas producers need to continue to search out and adopt new technologies.

The Problems Canadian Oil Faces:

  • Lack of market access
  • Reduction in investment
  • Climate change pressures
  • Declining price outlooks
Improving Efficiency in the Field by way of Technology
Optimize and/or Automate Workflows

Advances in technology are enabling field service managers and operations dispatchers to fine-tune and automate their workflow, know where service contractors are at all times, and assign work based on location and priorities. These solutions can help operators optimize routing for contractors and improve delivery times by providing visibility into field operations.

Increase Communication

Good field communication goes a long way towards improving efficiency. As does communication from corporate decision makers to field-level staff / contractors. Hand-held devices enable workers to transcend the restrictions of geography since they can access and enter information anywhere, anytime, regardless of their location. Device applications can also help improve service delivery. Tasks that once required lengthy phone calls or cumbersome paperwork can be handled remotely and leave less room for error. In addition, mobile communication connects field workers to customers, management and assets, which means they can make important decisions in a much more time effective manner.

Collect Data

Savvy managers know that monitoring and using data can exponentially improve their operations. Information collected from service contractors, including GPS navigation and vehicle tracking, provides valuable insights about vehicle use, driver behavior and scheduling efficiency for both vendors and operators. A modern digital field solution lets you interpret data through dashboards and reports, identifying and responding to issues in the field with intelligence and speed. Access to data and reporting can further allow operators to contrast and compare service providers against one another and see which ones are performing most efficient and effectively.

In short, Canadian Oil & Gas companies are needing to adapt to the current landscape in order to survive. The energy company of the future is one that has successfully figured out how to enhance operational efficiencies through digital and technological transformation.

Jana Dalziel
Sales Executive