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Improving Service Provider Relationships With Digital Ticketing Systems

How many times have you dealt with field ticket-related headaches due to inaccurate or outdated information, lack of accountability, or simple human error? The very basic act of migrating from a paper-based system to a comprehensive, automated e-ticketing platform allows you to avoid expensive service delays, misunderstandings, and costly mitigation while improving the relationship between service providers and operators.

The oil and gas industries involve complex, global enterprises that deal with a multitude of environmental, governmental, and social issues every day. In any given interaction, field ticketing can become just as complicated.

After all, we’re not talking about simple dispatches, A/R, and A/P, but a range of forms and invoices that include:

  • Work orders
  • Delivery invoices
  • Run or equipment usage
  • Spreadsheets for payroll and billing
  • Third-party charges

In addition to these processes, there are checklists and forms to maintain compliance, schedule inspections, and address safety issues.

By incorporating an automated field ticketing platform into your core business processes, you can solidify relationships between vital service providers and operators while saving time, money, and hassle at every point along the supply chain.

The Advantages of Digital Field Ticketing Automation

Oil and gas are historically conservative operations, and many in the industry are hesitant to change. Although this sector is at the forefront of innovations like 3D seismic interpretations, automated drilling systems, and Steam-Assisted gravity drainage, they’re slower to adopt horizontal technologies that drive basic innovation where core business processes are concerned.

However, broader distribution of operations, increase in service providers, supply chain disruptions, and the sometimes remote nature of the industry itself require better solutions. What was once an arduous process handled through multiple platforms and bits of paper that are easily lost or manipulated can now be streamlined and managed through a single platform and provide information straight from the source to necessary stakeholders in real-time.

Inventory Control

Does your operation have the ability to know what resources and supplies are on-hand at a glance? Are you experiencing costly supply chain delays due to lack of real-time visibility?

Few things cause strife between operations and suppliers more than an inability to obtain necessary materials, ship on time, or get answers when a problem occurs. Robust, real-time inventory management and automated order processing as part of a digital ticketing systems eliminates these issues and avoids misunderstandings that affect vital B2B relations. Bills of Ladings that are created through an automated management platform will tell you at a glance what materials are available at individual field operations and better predict product depletion levels.

Authorization and Approval

How many times have you experienced delays while waiting on approval or chasing down a signature so operations can proceed? By adopting a digital ticketing system, approval is granted and signatures are included on forms and accessed directly, in real-time, via tablet or mobile device.

This is an especially important capability when dealing with multiple distribution centers, geologically dispersed field operations, and remote service providers.

Reporting and Analytics

At the heart of improved efficiency and financial viability is the ability to analyze historical trends and identify potential problems. However, the amount of information collection and processing needed to oversee even a small enterprise is beyond the capabilities of even an army of IT experts and accountants.

With an automated field ticketing process, data is collected and analyzed faster and more accurately than with traditional methods. This provides you with the ability to make insightful decisions in real-time and mitigate potential issues before they become major – and expensive – problems. You’ll also gain the ability to scale operations and initiate changes that affect your enterprise with more confidence.

Compliance and Auditing

Compliance and auditing are ongoing concerns. Regulations and requirements are ever-changing, and failing to maintain compliance regarding safety and other issues can become a burdensome, potentially costly, legal quagmire.

By instituting a robust e-ticketing system into your business processes, you’ll be able to access and capture critical data points via a variety of customizable forms and filters. This allows you to identify areas of risk, reduce legal and compliance-related consequences, and validate activity with government agencies and insurers if incidents do occur. The result is a higher degree of trust between workers and management, operators and suppliers, and enterprises and regulatory bodies.


At the core of any tech solution is concerns about data integrity and security. By implementing a single platform system, you reduce the attack matrix and number of possible access points. This provides an increased level of security and provides peace of mind. Relationships are always improved when there’s a high degree of confidence in transparency and security.

Final Thoughts

We can all agree that acquiring advanced technology is an investment in enterprise-wide efficiency. With a higher degree of accuracy and transparency, you’ll also increase trust and avoid unnecessary disputes between operators and service providers.

However, not all automated solutions are created equally.

Some people will argue that it’s not ticketing systems that are the problem, but how they’re designed and used. If you’re tired of taking an archaic, piecemeal approach to managing your field operations, talk to an ENGAGE automation expert today. We’ll be happy to demonstrate how you can improve your company’s efficiency through our streamlined, cost-effective processes.