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“Digitizing field tickets has sped up the approval process, allowing us to be paid faster and more frequently.”

ENGAGE is a real-time digital field management platform, centralizing around an approved digital field ticket. By digitizing your workflow, our solution allows you to easily track your people and assets. Additionally, it reduces your administrative burden, error rates and time producing invoices allowing you to get paid faster.

Dispatch Management

Dispatch managers can receive orders digitally, allowing them to seamlessly push out jobs to their field operators. Additionally, our predictive scheduling model ensures your dispatch will receive orders well ahead of time allowing them to better plan daily schedules, staffing requirements and operations.

Ticket Approval Process

Tickets can be easily approved using our E-Signature and ticket approval system. However, if tickets need to be modified or rejected, they can be routed back for updating and resubmission through our online process.

Batch Processing

Approving each ticket individually wastes time and money. Our batch processing system allows you to audit and approve groups of tickets all at once.


Approve tickets and BOLs in real-time with E-signatures directly on your device or tablet. This eliminates the pain of chasing down signatures and substantially speeds up the ticket and approval process for invoicing.

Our Technology

Our software is easily integrated into any workflow saving you time and money.

Our Design

The ENGAGE Platform interfaces with both the E&P companies and their vendors, making it a complete solution for all users. Some of our most popular features include:

Digital Field Tickets

Our platform is the first that interfaces with both the E&P company and service provider allowing complete transparency for all sides. By digitizing the field ticket process and using GPS and geolocation attributes, we have created a drastic reduction in vendor error rates and administrative burden. This has allowed service providers to get paid faster with more accuracy.

Real-time Tracking

Imagine having visibility into all your people, assets and inventory in real-time. Our platform enables operators, service contractors and rental providers to efficiently manage their operations, while having access to immediate strategic information.

Customized Integrations

Our goal is to make your company workflow as seamless as possible. Our level of integrations range from direct APIs to FTP transfers or digital uploads and downloads. We can connect with most programs or software, including SCADA, Quick Books, Open Invoice and Drilling info, making it easy to ingest or export accurate information.

ENGAGE - Current Job

Supply Chain Management

By digitizing your workflow, you can increase your collaboration with business partners and reduce administrative burden. By creating a system of record in the cloud, you are empowering your workforce to optimize business decisions regardless of whether you are in the field or back at HQ.

Predictive Scheduling

Our proprietary algorithms accurately identify and automatically schedule orders for services, such as water hauls, maintenance or chemical treatments. This saves operators time and increases their operational efficiencies. Additionally it allows service providers to better manage their schedules and assets.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Access to pertinent information is critical to the success of any business. By leveraging robust modeling tools and machine learning techniques we create real-time data analytics that will empower your people to make better business decisions.

Realize the impact of Moving To Digital Ticketing


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of paper field tickets are rejected or have errors


ENGAGE surrounds your well sites, terminals and other important locations with virtual geographic boundaries called geo-fences. These allow you to be notified when your crews and assets enter or leave locations, as well as ensuring they are at the correct site.

Offline Capabilities

Our native (mobile) application works on and off cell phone service, allowing field operators to complete jobs in remote locations. All pertinent job information will store to your mobile device and sync back up when you return to service.

BOL Generator

Creating BOLs directly through our platform will identify material quantities at field locations and eliminate extra work. Predictable product depletion schedules will streamline your field ticketing process, track reorder points, increase your workflow efficiency, and ensure you never run out of product.

Automated Timesheets

Keeping track of employee work hours is easy with ENGAGE. Since our platform already tracks jobs from start to finish, we can send timesheet reports, making it easy to manage and pay your employees.


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Service Contractors

Yes, we have developed a full stack solution that works for both service contractors and E&P companies. In fact, our platform works best when both service contractors and E&P companies are using it together. We offer E&P companies that work with our service contractor’s free access to our application, so you can take full advantage of its benefits.

We work with your operations managers to customize a unique implementation plan to fit our customer’s needs. Typically, we recommend a staggered approach, where we can train each operation and then move on to the next, ensuring minimal obstruction and an overall seamless transition.

This really depends on the size of your company however we customize solutions for all sizes. Our small to mid-size service contractors can be trained in under a week, and some of the larger companies can take up to a couple weeks to be fully implemented.

Our application is extremely user friendly, and we find that all people, even those that are not familiar with newer forms of technology can use the app. Our solution works on most smart devices, so employees can easily adapt to our platform.

We use the most advanced technology to track your inventory. Our built-in QR code generator allows you to easily identify and manage specific locations and equipment.

Imagine how a digital workflow can impact your business

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