In today’s digital world, oil and gas companies should be leveraging software and digital solutions that optimize and streamline back-office procedures. ENGAGE provides an E2E corporate suite that will have your business humming along like a perfectly calibrated “Christmas tree.”

What Is E2E?

E2E stands for end-to-end. E2E business financial solutions are ideal for government and logistic industries that work with multiple vendors. They’re especially helpful for oil and gas companies that must negotiate supply chain logistics.

Optimal E2E systems streamline and integrate field tickets, dispatch communications, scheduling calendars, workflows, and financial transactions.

Oil and Gas Back-Office Efficiency: E-Ticketing

E-ticketing saves oodles of time and resources when implemented correctly. ENGAGE’s multi-tiered E-ticketing system features web and mobile applications that directly interface with suppliers, operators, and other vendors associated with field tickets.

Real-time approval accelerates and consolidates the process, which saves money. ENGAGE’s E-ticketing system allows you to schedule, track, and approve jobs.

Oil and Gas Back-Office Efficiency: E-Invoicing

E-invoicing is another digitized protocol that every back office should be leveraging in today’s supply-side administrative ecosystem. Alongside E-ticketing protocols, it will have your finance department churning like a finely tuned Ferrari.

Oil and Gas Back-Office Efficiency: E-Forms

E-forms are another essential component of well-oiled supply-side administrative operations. They can be tailored to your setup, which improves productivity and reduces costs. Moreover, it helps with regulatory compliance and ensures that every vendor on the line has the information needed to get the job done correctly.

Oil and Gas Back-Office Efficiency: Inventory Tracking

Real-time inventory tracking mitigates waste. It also improves reporting accuracy, which allows for better planning and budgeting and keeps the operation moving on time.

Oil and Gas Back-Office Efficiency: CMMS

In addition to financial workflows, ENGAGE’s E2E suite features computerized maintenance management software that allows you to plan, schedule, and track maintenance tasks. Not only can it handle emergencies, but it also features predictive intelligence that alerts managers to upcoming maintenance needs.

Integrating E2E Solutions With Extant Programs

You’re ready to consider a new financial e-suite, but you’ve got proprietary software with which the solution must integrate. It’s a common dilemma that ENGAGE’s end-to-end administrative suite can handle.

Case Studies

EP Energy

In 2020, EP Energy enlisted ENGAGE to digitize and update its antiquated procure-to-pay system. The oil and natural gas innovator had six initiatives:

  • Reduce lifting costs
  • Increase cash flow
  • Reduce headcount for expansion
  • Increase spend transparency
  • Streamline the financial transaction process
  • Improve real-time cash flow transparency

ENGAGE got to work by first implementing an E-ticketing system closer to live field tickets. Next up was developing a customized E-invoicing software solution that streamlined the company’s accounts payable loop. And lastly, ENGAGE developers integrated the new features with EP Energy’s extant enterprise resource planning application, P2 Bolo. The final result is expected to mitigate 40 percent of touchpoints, quelled supply chain disputes, and diminished error rates, significantly improving performance and cutting costs — download the case study here.

PetroLegagy Energy

PetroLegacy Energy, an Austin-based exploration and production company, wanted to optimize its chemical application program and decrease its administrative load.

To meet the challenge, ENGAGE assessed Petro’s operations and discovered that supply chain lag meant it was operating off outdated values. So, the cloud-based E2E solution experts developed a custom, real-time reporting solution that tracked the difference between actual gallons delivered and the target gallons required.

ENGAGE also created an integrated workflow system that highlighted daily well production statistics and e-ticketing. Software engineers also developed an easy-to-read dashboard that compares estimated and actual measure variance, treatments, and cost savings.

After full implementation, PetroLegacy’s average went from 21.1 percent to 1.1 percent — download the case study here.

Of its new streamlined system, PetroLegacy’s CEO Jason Churchill beamed — “We immediately today can see how effective our chemical treatment was yesterday; that’s powerful.”

Crestone Peak Resources

Crestone Peak Resources, an oil and natural gas producer in the Denver-Julesburg Basin, was still using a patchwork system for its field work that involved email and paper tickets. It made scheduling and tracking work orders a procedural nightmare — download the case study here.

Noble Energy

ENGAGE outfitted Chevon Colorado, formerly Noble Energy (at the time of the case study), an international oil and gas exploration and production company, with a customized field-management platform for its liquid transport operations. The new digital system approves and tracks transfer jobs for production water and crude oil with limited manual inputs. Moreover, vendors and operators have access to real-time information, and the system integrates with Chevron Colorado’s SCADA platform to predictively schedule up-to-the-minute jobs.

After implementation, ENGAGE’s efforts increased Chevron Colorado’s crude oil barrels per load by five percent and its water loads by six percent. It also reduced the company’s crude haul statistics by 11 percent and cut the truck volume on short loads by a whopping 816 trucks.

The effort was a huge success and positioned Noble as a leader in back-office efficiency in the oil and gas industry — download the case study here.

It’s Time to Optimize the Back-Office With ENGAGE

If you’re an oil and gas company that’s ready to optimize your back-office operations, let’s talk.

ENGAGE E2E solutions will synchronize and streamline workflows by closing the data loop between supply chains and your accounting team. It’s predictively efficient, automated, and boasts a proven positive impact on energy and petroleum corporations across the globe.