Fireside Technology Discussion Video Series

Featuring, ENGAGE CEO, Rob Ratchinsky, Well Data Labs CEO, Josh Churlik & Free Radical Ventures Principal, Jim Thorson

Nothing is more top of mind for the Oil and Gas industry than innovative technology. From adoption to effectively using your data, learn what operators are doing to successfully infuse new technology into their overall business practices, as well as the mistakes to avoid. Rob, Josh and Jim are not only thought leaders for the energy industry, but also for cutting-edge technology. Find out what trends are here to stay and why you should learn about these today!

Check back every two weeks as a new video is released on a fresh topic.

These ENGAGE productions have been produced in association with the Denver Petroleum Club (DPC). Stay tuned for information on a live follow up event, hosted by the DPC!

Adopting New Technologies and Change Management

What constitutes a successful implementation and the pitfalls to avoid?

Impact of Real-time Data from the edge – Volume 1

What are the benefits and how do you see this changing the way businesses operate?

Impact of Real-time Data from the edge – Volume 2

Connecting the data and working with different groups to maximize ROI on your analytics.

Environmental Economic Impact of Digital Transformation

What impact has innovative technology made in our industry and to the local environment?