Transporting Hydrogen and Oxygen around the Oilfield is a Huge Cost

By: Scott Ratchinsky

Transporting produced H2O is a huge and costly business in the Oilfield. What if you could predict when water needed to be picked up and a truck was automatically dispatched within minutes? Most of the big boys have a central control dispatch system, which tries to make this happen with limited success. ENGAGE can help any size of company manage their field on a scale to match their operation. Within our platform is an algorithm, which can figure out when liquid hauls are needed. It can call out trucks without a dispatcher and inform the right people what is happening. This is machine learning your operation. All information is created digitally, thus allowing the service providers to get critically approved e-tickets in real-time. Invoices can be generated quickly with accurate information, thus everyone in this value chain wins. Visit and dispatch effectively while lowering LOE and improving cash flow.