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ENGAGE utilizes predictive route optimization technology to minimize environmental impacts at the logistics and supply chain level.

Emissions reduction strategies paving the way to a low carbon future require innovative solutions to strengthen the global response to climate change. By re-defining logistics and supply chain management ENGAGE supports companies as they pivot to work in a more sustainable way.

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Working Towards a Low Carbon Future

With GPS technology and real-time traffic data, ENGAGE reduces emissions for logistics and supply chain processes by optimizing transportation routes and loads. ENGAGE achieves this by:

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ESG Icon Reducing Distances Travelled
Reducing distances travelled by identifying more direct routes
ESG Icon Minimizing Time Spent
Minimizing time spent on the road by avoiding traffic hazards and congestion
ESG Icon Optimizing Loads
Optimizing loads by predicting and increasing hauled volumes

In addition to helping companies reduce their carbon footprint, ENGAGE captures data at every step of the process providing accurate records and insight into scope three emissions.

ENGAGE is a leader in Energy Transition.

We offer cleantech solutions for companies to provide a more efficient pathway to clean energy.

We partner with organizations such as Colorado Cleantech Industries Association to promote thought leadership and raise awareness of how tech can enable a transition to a lower-carbon future.


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Effective risk management improves workforce health, safety, and productivity.

Achieving this requires the implementation of various control measures to eliminate or mitigate risk.

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By maintaining control over transportation routes and loads, ENGAGE can help companies reduce:

Utilizing GPS and geo-fencing technologies along with real-time traffic data, ENGAGE can:

ESG Icon Reducing Distances Travelled
Eliminate unnecessary time on the road and avoid hazards
ESG Icon Optimizing Loads
Monitor driving behavior including vehicle speed
ESG Icon Minimizing Time Spent
Timestamp vehicles entering or leaving a worksite

The advantages of tracking and monitoring this type of data include a lowered risk of vehicle collision and improved safety on the road.

Additionally, ENGAGE provides significant time savings by infusing cutting edge technology into manual workflows, allowing people to maximize their productivity.

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ENGAGE’s ability to accurately capture large amounts of data provides reassurance around ethics, audit, and compliance.

This includes direct integration with client and vendor accounting systems, the benefits of which are clearly defined work orders and IRS compliant tickets and invoices for accounting and tax purposes.

This level of transparency streamlines approval processes and can help to deter fraudulent behavior or reduce any disputes between parties for work carried out. Above all else, payments to vendors are fast-tracked leading to equitable and trusted relationships between stakeholders.

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ENGAGE helps establish corporate governance by:

Providing easily accessible data to track against goals
Real-time transparency for accurate reporting and regulatory compliance
Single source of truth strengthens relationships with vendors, stakeholders, and shareholders