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Our platform, combined with a comprehensive suite of analytics capabilities, turns your enterprise data into actionable intelligence that can transform your business.

ENGAGE provides cutting-edge oil and gas technology for asset management, leveraging a digital ticketing solution that saves time, increases revenues, and empowers E&P companies and Service Contractors alike to make better decisions in real-time.


Complete suite for data analytics, developed by oil and gas professionals.


We are generating a dynamic marketplace with digital asset management.


Geofencing of locations vs. just geo-tracking of equipment operators.

QR Codes

Built-in QR code generator to manage your inventory location and re-order points.

End The Paper Trail

E&P Companies

Do you have an ever expanding paper trail and lack visibility in service contractor behavior and invoicing? Are there suspicious volume and materials tracking or do you struggle to procure quality service contractors and equipment?

Service Contractors

ENGAGE is an always ‘on’ digital field ticketing platform that streamlines your receivables process allowing you to get paid faster and more accurately. Our Geolocation enabled solution helps you keep track of people and assets to ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Rental Providers

Tracking inventory on Excel spreadsheets and chalkboards limits your potential. ENGAGE’s geolocation enabled, turnkey platform helps track assets and equipment in real-time so you can maximize billable assets and digitally track re-order points.

Real-Time Data Analytics

Our three-tiered platform allows for digital communication between a client and provider in real time through the web portal, smart device, push notifications or email driving efficiencies into the ticketing and invoicing workflows.

Dynamic Marketplace

The platform is designed to handle all activity from the construction of the lease to ordering equipment, such as new rod pump years after initial POP. Construction, Drilling, Completions, and Production at this point all require some form of digital transformation for ordering and dispatching of services and ENGAGE looks to generate that dynamic marketplace.


Geofencing of locations vs. just geo-tracking of equipment operators. Our platform also works completely off cellular service allowing the asset operator/driver to cache multiple jobs/tickets to their smart device. All data will sync upon return to service or Wifi.

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