Achieve New Levels of Operational Efficiency

ENGAGE E-ticketing and E-invoicing eliminates paper field tickets and streamlines field-service workflows by unifying oilfield service companies and operators on a single digital platform — from ticket to invoice.

ENGAGE is the leader in electronic field ticketing for water hauling and we also offer oilfield service companies a proven platform to boost efficiency for drilling & completions, crude hauling, wellhead maintenance, production chemicals, hourly roustabout work and more.

Unifying the Oilfield on One Platform

Schedule / Dispatch Order

Predictively schedule orders for repeatable services.

Accept Order / Assign

Accept or create new orders and assign the jobs to your teams.

Real-time Tracking & Visibility
Real-time Tracking & Visibility

Team members use our mobile app to manage and track their job, capturing data automatically.

Complete Ticket / Approval
Complete Ticket / Approval

Use data validation to automatically approve or reject tickets, saving time and eliminating manual audits.

Built by Oil & Gas people for the Oil & Gas industry

“The app is incredibly user friendly. It’s an invaluable asset in the field.”

– Bakken OFS Provider

Get Paid Faster with QuickPay

  • Approved ENGAGE tickets flow directly into TaliPay for fast, automated payment in as little as 24 hours. 
  • Eliminate manual processes and reduce back-office overhead.
  • Grow your business with access to new, affordable financing options.

Eliminate QuickBooks Data Entry

  • Load field ticket data directly into QuickBooks.
  • Eliminate manual re-keying of ticket data for invoicing.
  • Increased accuracy with fewer errors.
  • Other platforms available.

Learn how ENGAGE OFS helped an OFS company achieve significant improvements in productivity and efficiency.

ENGAGE OFS Field Service Management Benefits


Eliminate Paper Tickets

Simplify your process and increase productivity by replacing messy paper tickets and phone calls with oilfield-specific digital ticketing and mobile tools.


Save Time

Save time and reduce steps by minimizing manual reviews, managing by exception and automating dispatch.


Boost Productivity

Eliminate data entry and increase accuracy with pre-populated ticketing and financial details, automatically generated invoices, and system integration capabilities.


Financial Control

Gain financial control with fast, integrated invoicing and accelerated payments.


Improve Customer Service

Improve customer service with up-to-the-minute status on jobs from your desk or phone.


Improve Safety

GPS functionality keeps track of your service crews in real time and provides data for compliance and audit, safety and other operational metrics.

Which ENGAGE OFS Tier is right for you?

OFS Base

Leverage Intelligent Field Operations Software to accept and dispatch orders and manage invoicing. 

This solution is available at no charge to OFS companies working with operators using ENGAGE.

OFS Plus

Take advantage of additional efficiency and automation tools from ENGAGE

Eliminate QuickBooks data entry, customize ticketing details, automate ticket rejection and approval,  access reporting tools and more.


Maximize the advantages of ENGAGE and eliminate paper field tickets across your entire business.  

Leverage QuickPay automated early payment, create E-forms, customize tickets and invoices, and streamline your entire workflow with digital approvals.

Additional Features

  • Real-time GPS location and time tracking
  • Automated ticket approvals
  • Optimized route planning
  • Automated order scheduling
  • Subcontractor and multi-person crew capabilities
  • Custom reporting and E-forms
  • Remote approvals for all of your customers


Work Smarter with Automated Field Service Management

Transparency & Accountability

Get real-time visibility to the field with time tracking, geofencing and location data.

Field-Friendly Mobile Application

Easy to use tools for the field, regardless of connectivity or device – connect the field to the office in real-time.

Predictive Dispatch & Route Optimization

Automated order scheduling and optimized route planning for efficient dispatch and service delivery to the right location at the right time.

Intelligent Approvals & Rejections

Streamline workflows with automated ticket rejection and approvals based on your customized business rules to save time and ensure accuracy.

Financial Visibility & Business Intelligence

Access advanced dashboards, custom reports and real-time data to optimize your business.

Automated Electronic Invoicing

Automatically generate accurate invoices and access advanced capabilities, including QuickBooks Upload and invoice customization.

Fluids Hauling & Beyond

ENGAGE is the leader in fluids hauling efficiency and also covers more than 250 service types, from production chemicals, to maintenance, sand logistics, hourly services and more.

Advanced Field Management Capabilities

Gain operational efficiency with inventory tracking, subcontractor accounts, customizable E-forms, advanced time tracking and more.

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