Integrate with ENGAGE and unleash your data from any system to deliver a more seamless, automated solution.

In the past, critical data sets have been siloed, and companies have lacked the ability to combine information in a way that provides actionable intelligence across business segments. Additionally, companies find themselves stuck in legacy, on-prem solutions that provide little value, and haven’t been updated in years.


ENGAGE works with companies everyday to set-up and maintain connections to their internal software solutions.

ENGAGE will connect with vendors and other 3rd party solutions that allow all parties to share information seamlessly.


ENGAGE’s API provides a RESTful HTTP interface for customers to build their own automated solutions against, in order to exchange and update data within ENGAGE or other internal systems.


How to Integrate?

There are many ways to exchange information between software solutions ranging from an FTP transfer to a direct API integration. Many companies have internal departments that will handle the connection, however, ENGAGE has a devoted internal group that will handle any technical integration work. We also work with several integration partners, including NextGen and Unit 3 Tech.

Sharing information is paramount.

Ask us how we can integrate other software solutions with ENGAGE!