Shift your maintenance process from reactive to proactive.

Planning, scheduling and tracking maintenance work can be a complex undertaking for operators and their service providers and unexpected breakdowns decrease productivity.


Quickly schedule corrective jobs to ensure productivity never declines, while keeping important records for future maintenance needs.


Easily comply with regulatory requirements by automating the routine work order process from start to finish.


Predetermined trigger points will allow ENGAGE to automatically schedule and track jobs, saving valuable time and money.


CMMS Features

  • Phase Time Monitoring
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Simple to Adopt
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Notifications
  • Easy to Integrate

ENGAGE’s CMMS platform interfaces with operators, internal departments and service providers so workflows are completely visible, and data can be assessed and validated in real-time.

Preload assets, inventory and other pertinent information, such as cost centers, locations, and personnel to allow for easy work order scheduling and management.

Inventory Management

Track & stock inventory items
Automate inventory reordering process
Reduce wasted inventory and lower costs

Asset Management

Extend the life of assets
Access historical data
Track depleting values

Work Order Management

Automated production & ordering process
Real-time tracking and visibility into jobs
Better regulatory compliance

Client Benefits


Customizable E-forms

Clients can create customizable digital forms to coincide with tickets and compliance documentation requiring their service providers or internal technicians to complete when submitting a job ticket. Centralizing all the required forms and information reduces the administrative burden, streamlines audits, and ensures that operators are being provided the correct documentation for all services.


Real-time Tracking

Our solution utilizes GPS functionality from mobile devices to track work being completed in the field. Geo-fencing technologies (virtual geographic boundaries that timestamp when people or assets enter/leave a worksite, warehouse or other important locations) help provide additional data for compliance and audit, safety and other operational metrics.


Offline Capabilities

Our mobile application works both on and off the connected grid by caching localized edge data to the device or tablet, allowing field operators to complete jobs in remote locations. All pertinent job information will store in the mobile device and sync to cloud services when reconnected.


Data Analytics & Reporting

Access to pertinent information is critical to the success of any business. By leveraging robust modeling tools, we create real-time data analytics that empower your people to make better business decisions and scale with confidence.


Compliance & Audit

Health and safety is paramount to any company, however, reporting and compliance can be burdensome. With ENGAGE, critical data points and images can be captured allowing you to streamline your compliance and audit reporting and record management. Having access to these edge data points can be key for root cause analysis and for de-risking legal or insurance consequences if accidents do occur. ENGAGE clients enact this modern geo-location approach to validate activity when working with OSHA or other regulatory bodies after an incident.


Automated Re-order

Most companies do not have real-time visibility into their inventory and lack tools to automate their reordering process. By using ENGAGE’s inventory management and tracking tools, we streamline the reordering process allowing more accurate accounting, reporting, and inventory management.

More Features



Approve tickets and BOLs in real-time with E-signatures directly on your device or tablet. This eliminates the pain of chasing down signatures and substantially speeds up the ticket and approval process for invoicing.


QR Code Generator

Our platform’s built-in QR code generator manages inventory volumes, locations, and algorithmic re-order points. QR-Codes also allow users to identify specific locations, equipment, and reference historical location data with ease.


Batch Processing

Approving each ticket individually wastes time and money. Our batch processing system allows you to audit and approve groups of tickets customized to your business parameters.



Creating BOLs directly through our platform will identify material quantities at field locations and eliminate extra work. Predictable product depletion schedules will streamline your field ticketing process, track reorder points, increase your workflow efficiency, and maximize product optimization.


SOC Compliant

ENGAGE is SOC 2 Type I compliant in the categories of security, processing integrity, availability, and confidentiality. These are an agreed-upon procedure of standards set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and are designed to measure how well a service organization conducts and regulates data.



Your data security is paramount. ENGAGE partners with Amazon Web Services cloud-based replica databases to keep proprietary data secured.