A Digital Solution to Fluid Hauling Inefficiencies in the Oilfield

As volatile as the O&G industry can be, it has never been more important for E&P’s to safely and responsibly improve efficiency and reduce impacts in their operations. In the fall of 2019, Noble Energy (now Chevron) began using ENGAGE’s cloud-based digital field-management platform to transport their crude oil and production water in the Denver-Julesburg (DJ) Basin. Using ENGAGE, Noble (Chevron) is now able to digitally schedule, track and approve their liquid transfer jobs, with limited manual inputs. Additionally, its service providers were equipped with an ENGAGE interface that allows them to access real-time job information, streamlining the field ticketing process for both sides. 

By integrating with operator SCADA systems, jobs are predictively scheduled down to the minute, allowing haulers to pull crude and water at the optimal time to maximize loads. This study analyzes water and crude jobs over the course of ten months. The first four months reflects data prior to using ENGAGE’s software, and the last six months highlights after ENGAGE was fully implemented. This analysis shows operational improvements by increasing the average barrels per load, reducing short loads and reducing the number of trucks required to provide the same level of service.

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