DENVER, May 13, 2021 / — ENGAGE Mobilize, Inc. (ENGAGE), an advanced software that streamlines industrial workflows, has announced the launch of ENGAGE E2E which will digitalize the financial transaction process end-to-end. Coupling E-invoicing with ENGAGE’s market-leading E-ticketing platform will allow companies to consolidate software, eliminate redundant processes and automate workflows from predictive dispatch through payment, all within ENGAGE’s cloud-based solution set.

To assist in developing the platform ENGAGE formed an innovation partnership with EP Energy to redefine and streamline the industry’s antiquated and fragmented procure-to-pay processes that plague workflows throughout the industry. Initially, the partnership focused efforts to validate transactions closer to live field operations by leveraging ENGAGE’s E-ticketing software. Secondly, EP Energy and ENGAGE co-developed E-invoicing software, closing the accounts payable loop. This E2E platform unlocks EP Energy’s ability to design automated business rules applied in near real-time for transacting with service providers while removing redundant touchpoints, mitigating disputes and error rates, and optimizing EP Energy’s resource base. Click Here to Read the Full White Paper.

As part of the announcement, ENGAGE has also launched an updated website, highlighting the benefits of E2E. Additionally, they have expanded into new verticals including renewable energy, waste management, government, and other industries where a lack of transparency exists for financial workflows.

ENGAGE, CEO Rob Ratchinsky states, “early on as a company we were hyper-focused on driving operational efficiency with respect to field level workflows, and the vision that E2E represents tangentially has always been core to us; reduce touchpoints and consolidate redundant processes. Our move to add invoicing capabilities is needed to eliminate this redundant step long-term because to truly change the transaction process, you have to inherently control it end-to-end. ENGAGE clients will truly benefit from building touchless business automation on their own terms, by leveraging data, rather than just collecting it.”

ENGAGE E2E is not a theory, it is a tangible, readily implemented software that streamlines the transaction process, eliminates redundancy, and ultimately optimizes the use of peoples’ time. With proven results ENGAGE is empowering the market to move towards a truly touchless transaction model.

ENGAGE E2E synchronizes complex field workflows with authenticated business logic and financial processes, closing the data loop for supply chain, operations, and accounting teams in real-time. Our proprietary business automation processes predictively schedules work orders and tasks with embedded validation algorithms triggered by captured edge data points. By operationalizing predefined business rules, E2E eliminates redundant approval and dispute processes, automating each transaction seamlessly through invoicing and payment processing.


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SOURCE:  ENGAGE Mobilize, Inc.