DENVER, June 24, 2020 / — Engage Mobilize, Inc. (ENGAGE), a cloud-based digital field management, procurement, and electronic ticketing platform built for the oil and gas industry, today introduced customizable E-forms to their already market leading solution.  The new feature will allow operators to create digital versions of required documents such as EHS, Regulatory, SOP, Inspection & Evaluation or DOT to be filled out as part of the digital ticketing process.  This centralizes all the required forms and information, saving time and ensuring that operators are being provided the correct documentation for all services.

Filling out repetitive forms can be a pain.  Technicians are required to fill out countless forms to accompany their tickets to fulfill operator and internal requirements.  Many of these forms are currently filled out on paper, have different input fields, and differ based on service type, making it nearly impossible to track and review data on a larger scale.  ENGAGE’s Customizable E-forms solves this problem, providing incredible value to both operators and service providers.

Top Benefits Include:

  • Operator Control
  • Data Analytics & Reporting
  • Digital Input
  • All In One, Ticket
  • Compliance

Rob Glynn, Director of Operations at ENGAGE has worked with operators and service providers for over fifteen years.  “One challenge in the field has always been keeping track of all the forms and data elements required for each job. Our Customizable E-forms will not only make it easier for operators to track and comply with regulatory standards and inspections, but the additional data integrity and insight from digitizing these forms will be a complete game changer for field data capture within the industry” states Rob.

ENGAGE’s Customizable E-forms save time, reduce costs and eliminate the hassle of printing and tracking paperwork.

ENGAGE is a cloud-based field management platform that digitalizes workflows end to end. Streamlining operator and vendor communications and processes allows more accurate accounting, reporting and planning and improves visibility into operations for all parties. ENGAGE is the leading solution for the oilfield, managing over 100 different service types.

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SOURCE:  Engage Mobilize, Inc.