AUGUST 7, 2020

When he was a kid, Bryan Getz’s father told him he had two ears and one mouth for a reason.

“I should listen twice as much as I talk,” he recalled.

Now, as VP of Corporate Sales at Druva, Getz is still finding value in that advice: a good salesperson is a good listener.

Listening skills are all the more important when a rep encounters objections from prospective clients. The ability to hear concerns and address their root cause — or, at the very least, maintain a good relationship for the long-term — are all extremely helpful skills that set a rep up for success in their career.

In fact, Kayla Lane — who sells oil and gas software for ENGAGE — actually sees objections as key to a successful sales cycle.

“I believe getting to the objections really brings the client closer to the ‘buy-in,’” she said.

So what does it look like in practice to overcome an objection? Getz and Lane took us through their approaches, as well as potential traps that can sink a sale.

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