ENGAGE Is A Tech Company, Founded By Oil And Gas Experts

ENGAGE was founded in 2016 under its parent company Engage Management. Engage Management is a boutique energy consulting firm that specializes in driving operational efficiencies into drilling and completion projects worldwide. Efficiency is always benchmarked on the ability to save time and reduce costs. The leadership team and consultants that founded the company always took issue with the way the capital burn and expense allocation were accounted for at the field level. Hence, ENGAGE was drawn up on a napkin.

Field ticketing, in essence, is a required control measure but wastes uncountable resources and capital for both Operators and Service Contractors. As a team, we are not the first to identify this massive waste of time that slows and burdens our industry, but we are in fact the first to build a platform that both sides of the transaction can identify with. Our leadership’s experience with consulting on the corporate side coupled with their dirty work boots & faded FRs led to the development of a digital field management solution that respects everyone’s workflows and simply makes sense. Our company understands the “real” workflow at the field level that is intrinsic to driving the total success in a basin for both the E&P’s and the Service Providers that support them.

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Our startup’s success will be driven by a team with diverse backgrounds that not only bring ideas to the table but, more importantly, executes on those ideas. Whether working remotely or at our HQ (proudly located in Denver, CO) our team works in partnership to get this new venture growing with a bootstrap mindset. Our culture will be shaped by talented new team members, full of energy and integrity, with a wide range of experiences both professional and personal.

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